Training Approach

Sam utilizes science-based training techniques and the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) standard to ensure that training is effective and safe. A bonus- training this way means you don’t have to hurt or scare your dog to get things done, so the two of you can have more fun and less conflict.

About Sam the Trainer

Sam began training dogs professionally in 2006 and holds two industry-leading certifications (see credentials). Every year she nerds-out and stays up to date with best practices by participating in well-respected courses, conferences, and mentorships as well as staying connected with key professional associations.

About Sam the Person

Sam grew up in a “dog family” and is proud to pass on the obsessive need to always have dogs in her life to her kids. The family dogs, Azzie (Staffordshire Terrier mix), Mal (Corgi/Border Collie mix), and Nouille (Standard Poodle), are happy to help school the kids in all-things-dog and the dogs love learning from the kids as well. Her partner, Dillon, is along for the ride and the dog hair. 

Other Random Facts About Sam
  • Worked for a short stint as a pastry-lead at the best bakery in Durango. The bakery will go unnamed to prevent any heated debates over who has the best brownies or baguettes (ignore the link).

  • Lived in Colorado for over 25 years and has only gone skiing/snowboarding once.

  • Grew up an Air-Force brat and spent 6 years of her childhood living in Geilenkirchen, Germany. Best Christmases ever!

  • Obsessed with Margaret Atwood years before Hulu came on the scene.

  • Does an eerily realistic impression of a turkey and a goat.