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Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Durango, CO

Live better with your dog

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"We couldn't have asked for anyone better!"

"We are so blessed to have found Sam as our trainer. We couldn't have asked for anyone better! We have the most perfect, wonderful dog, thanks to her guidance and positive training methods! Our dog now comes instantly when we call her, stays close to us on trails, plays great at the dog park, and is wonderful with our two year old grandson. We can't thank Sam enough, and highly recommend  her to anyone looking for a dog trainer!"

- Gary & Lori, Bella's humans

A young happy cattle dog on leash looking at the camera with a toddler near by.

Dog Training that works where you need it

Have you ever heard someone say, "My dog knows how to sit, they just only do it in the kitchen".  This occurs for two reasons. First, dogs learn skills best in the context that you are going to use them in (your home, your neighborhood, your nearby trails). Second, they acquire those skills through lots of practice because knowing "sit" is not like memorizing 2+2=4, but more like knowing how to play a musical instrument. So I teach your dog skills in the places you need them and take the time to hone their best boy/girl craft- all while you get important human things done. 
Dog Trining That Works Where You Need It

Over the years I have found that the hardest part about training for people is doing the work... I get it!

There is something magical about sharing our lives with a dog. It could be the estimated 15,000-30,000 years of coevolution, but we all know puppy-eyes play a big part. Sometimes that magic can feel hampered when we are not sure how to connect with the dog in front of us or feel uprooted by behavior problems we were not anticipating. Or, it can feel a little like gambling as we make the big decision to commit to the life of a new dog but are afraid of getting more than we bargained for. Since 2006 I have dedicated my life to training dogs because I love helping others enjoy their lives with their dog. 

We all know that training our dogs in some capacity is necessary. This is a human-centered world after all. Over the years I have found that the hardest part about training for people is doing the work- because we are all busy and when we are learning something new it takes us more time and energy.

I get it! I have two kids, three dogs, a partner, and I work. That is why I have hung up my hat on offering standard private training sessions and classes. I don't think they work for many people. I want to help you live better with your dog by doing the leg-work for you. Your involvement is still important but I want to help you focus on getting the magic and not have to worry about teaching and proofing skills to the level you need them.

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