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when your furry friend
needs "Therapy"

B-Mod Program

Starts @ 4 weeks | $1,990

Every dog has some quirks- maybe yours has some extra special ones that make you nervous or worried about their wellbeing. Behavioral issues can make life very hard for you both. Often your dog will suffer the most as their life gets smaller and smaller while you work to keep them and others safe. Let's get you and your dog's life back on track. 

Examples of BeHavior Problems

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Dog Directed Aggression

  • Human Directed Aggression

  • Fear Issues

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Body Handling Issues (issues with veterinary exams, grooming, nail trimming, ect)

  • Food/Resource Guarding

  • And more

Customized for your dog

Every dog is a little different and so is every situation. All behavior modification (b-mod) programs are customized so that we can focus on addressing the underlying components of the issue.


How long training will take in these cases depends a lot on the issue at hand. During orientation we will discuss a prognosis and include a timeline of how much training will be needed to reach your goals. For any behavior modification case we will begin with at least 4 weeks.

4 weeks Includes

  • Orientation

  • 4 Coaching Sessions

  • 12 Training Sessions

  • 3 Follow-ups

  • Treat Pouch


A livestock guard dog is cowaring with its ears flat against its head and showing his teeth with worried eyes.


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